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till Wednesday 08.01.2014.

In 2009 our company
was awarded with the
Rheinland-Pfalz Innovationspreis
for our innovative product development.
Thousands of years ago, mankind had already started to practise bonding techniques, using raw materials from the animal and vegetable kingdoms. And even today, nature provides matchless examples, such as the Sundew, whose sticky droplets hold its captives fast.
Automated bonding demands absolute accuracy of mixing and metering. By this means, industrial bonding is continually winning new fields in fixing technology applications and now ranks among the high-technology sectors in plant construction.
Bonding, mixing and metering technology is our business. With our knowledge and performance going hand in hand with our values and attributes, we offer quality in integrated solutions.
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Technology that bonds

Welcome to t-s-i.de. We are a German manufacturer of mixing- and metering units for the processing of sealants and adhesives.

Our wide product range consists of modern systems technology. Because of our versatile pump technology, such as pistol pumps, ball pumps, dosing pumps and gear pumps, we are in the position to process, meter and mix, all of the common sealants and adhesives, from liquid to high viscosity.

We are also offering bundled solutions for your application, up to using linear systems and robot technology.